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Unleash the possibilities of circular economy

Onboarding Circular Economy

– engage essential teams and boost roll-out response

Align your teams to efficiently roll-out circular economy in your business. Elevate understanding and mindset in team members to speed up the onboarding process and get better results.

Modern companies need urgent solutions to their problems and circular economy holds essential keys. Those in prominent positions now need to master the circular economy mindset and companies already on the circular path must do more. Failing to successfully onboard all business departments will mean missed opportunities, underachievement and failed success.

Our “Onboarding Circular Economy” program gives you:

  • Clarity to work strategically with sustainability across your business.
  • Insight to identify existing opportunities within your organization. 
  • Empowered teams to unfold opportunities. 
  • Focus and buy-in through mindset change, in even the most reluctant team members.
  • Increased opportunity to deliver growth, profit and reputation for all your business.

At Ouroboros, circular mindset is our second nature. We excel at getting confident and consolidated teams going, through upgrading competence in sustainability. Seeing your team elevate their mindset to enable circular business opportunities is what we enjoy doing the most.

Peter Meulengracht Jensen

With Ouroboros, the missing links and puzzle pieces of Circular Economy were discovered. Their strategic advice was spot on.

Senior Environmental Manager, Group CoE & EMEA / GRUNDFOS Holding A/S

Jasper Steinhausen
elevating people

"It’s a win for business and a win for sustainability. Circular economy provides solutions for how to create more value from less resources"

- Camilla Haugsten
Ouroboros CEO & Co-Founder

The Program:
‘Onboarding Circular Economy’

This program makes the first steps of onboarding as easy and simple as possible, providing insight and understanding to further create upon. We help remove the barriers that can stop individuals and teams from achieving great things with circular economy.




The Sessions: Our short and intense program consists of X3 two-hour sessions of solution-focused discussion, delivered on separate days ideally over two weeks. You’ll get decades of experience in hours, focusing on just what you need and nothing more. Everything is online, so you and your team can be all together or hooked-up from anywhere. Intense – Effective – Secure!

Customisation: We customise every program to precisely meet the needs of your business and resolve the issues that are currently holding you back. Choose your customisation by industry, company function, participant’s profile or a combination of all these. We’ll provide relevant examples of cost reduction, business improvement, change adaptation and business development potential to meet you at your starting point, wherever that is.

Ouroboros Success Stories

André Zandelin
CEO, Accus AB

Helle Fabiansen
Managing Director, The Danish Association of Cosmetics and Detergents

Reinvent the Way You Do Business

As Ouroboros founders Camilla Haugsten and Jasper Steinhausen explain in their article ‘Reinvent the Way You Do Business’ (featured in a print magazine 2019) “Ouroboros bridges the gap between learning and doing; walking you through the initial inception up until execution”. 

André zandelin

“Ouroboros’ level of expertise and experience combined with their ability to always step in and assist at the right time is what we needed to develop our business and move us forward.”

CEO / Accus AB.

André Zandelin
CEO, Accus AB

Helle Fabiansen
Managing Director, The Danish Association of Cosmetics and Detergents

How our customisation makes it simple for you

Our customisation program enables you to effortlessly move forward despite problems holding you back. Through asking key questions and providing direct feedback, you can move quickly on to resolving your issues. Select your starting point from one, or a combination, of the customisation levels below:

1. Industry-level Customisation

For businesses that want to understand their circular economy opportunities at an industry-wide level. Industry-level customisation addresses industry-specific examples and approaches to allow you to visualise the next best step forward for your business.

2. Company-level Customisation

For businesses that want to understand their circular economy opportunities at a company-wide level. Company-level customisation addresses unique examples relevant to your company for fast-tracking the development of transformational business plans. This level is also suitable for individual departments within large companies.

3. Individual-level Customisation

For businesses that need to convey the opportunities available in the circular economy to key stakeholders within the organisation. Individual-level customisation addresses specific information key internal stakeholders may require before committing to transformation. Specific needs profiles and other details will be requested in advance.

We want to find out about you! And the more we can customise your program, the more value we can provide. Whatever you do now is the foundation for a longer journey into circular economy. Ouroboros’ 25+ years of dedicated experience in sustainability provides clarity and insight.

Imagine how onboarding your team to circular economy will:

  • Increase commitment and buy into your company’s organisational culture
  • Enable future establishment of new turnkey solutions and distribution shifts
  • Improve brand identity and customer relations

Be proud of the changes you are making to your business and tell everyone about your sustainable evolution in your marketing communications.

“There is no doubt that future generations will look back to this point in time as to when the transition from a linear economy to a circular and systemic economy happened. The time is now.” 

Camilla Haugsten
Ouroboros CEO & Co-Founder

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Jelva Schnoor

The program gave us strategies for co-creation, and especially in our case, how co-create communication and marketing around our products and services in collaboration with our suppliers in the value chain.

Purchase & Development Manager / Apoteket

Inger Seeberg 
Director, Environmental Affairs Copenhagen Airports

Esben Danielsen 
CEO, The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities

Featured in

Let circular economy elevate your business goals.

Circular economy is a tool that offers opportunities for companies to become more successful in their work towards sustainable goals, turning customers into fans and future-proofing business. 

Circular economy can inspire anyone to:

  • Look through and beyond all past business perspectives into new opportunities
  • Become a groundbreaking leader and initiate a green turnaround to show others the way forward
  • Embrace a new eco-systemic approach based on transformation and co-creation, with regeneration at its heart
  • Connect with an elevated goal to form a more meaningful ‘greater why?’

Your business is about all of us 

Camilla Haugsten 
Modern Leadership

CEO & Co-Founder

Jasper Steinhausen
- Elevating People

Fulfilment Director & Co-Founder

Camilla Haugsten 
Modern Leadership

CEO & Co-Founder

Jasper Steinhausen
- Elevating People

Executive Business Director & Co-Founder