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Step up to circular economy

Clarity and insight made easy for you

Circular Economy - your gateway to create new business advantage

Kick-start your company into creating new value through circular economy. Take simple and workable steps to achieve sustainable business success for your team.

To conduct business sustainably is now an expectation of your customers, employees and associates. However, the issues are complex, the next natural step seems unclear, and the stakeholders are not fully aligned. As the pace of change increases, proactive leaders are attempting to bring circular economy into top-level discussions. Yet, even companies with sustainability strategies already in place, may still find themselves unable to translate ideas into action.

Our program ”Introducing Circular Economy” gives you clarity and insight into:

  • The core principles of circular economy
  • The positive impacts of different disciplines in circular economy
  • The difference between circular economy/traditional sustainability
  • How all the above can deliver growth, profit and reputation

Ouroboros’ dedicated experts are here and ready to help your company jump into action. Using our proven competence building approach, we can help your decision makers develop the skills needed to get circular economy moving in your company from any starting point.

Josefina sallen

I was stuck. Ouroboros helped me understand things better and see new approaches to creating real and lasting business results.

COO / Idrottens Spel AB.

Jasper Steinhausen
elevating people

The Program:
‘Introducing Circular Economy’

This program will energise your team to harness the potential of circular economy. We elevate skills and enable decision-makers to overcome the difficulties ahead as your company energetically turns to embrace sustainable business practice.




The Sessions: Our short and intense program consists of X2 one-hour sessions of solution-focused discussion, delivered on separate days ideally within the same week. You’ll get decades of experience in hours, focusing on just what you need and nothing more. Everything is online, so you and your team can be all together or hooked-up from anywhere. Intense – Effective – Secure!

Customisation: We customise every program to precisely meet the needs of your business and resolve the issues that are currently holding you back. Choose your customisation by industry, company function, participant’s profile or a combination of all these. We then provide relevant examples of cost reduction, business improvement, change adaptation and business development potential to meet you at your starting point, wherever that may be.

Reinvent the Way You Do Business

As Ouroboros founders Camilla Haugsten and Jasper Steinhausen explain in their article ‘Reinvent the Way You Do Business’ (featured in a print magazine 2019)

“you get to delve deep into your business’ set-up, get hands-on and identify the key elements necessary to take the next step into a circular economy”.

Esben Danielsen

We realise we haven’t been aware of nor approached circular economy for its potentials before. Now, we experience renewed energy and motivation.

CEO / The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities

Book this program and expect to take away the following awareness and mindset:

  • Take hold of the core principles and disciplines of the circular economy and how they can be used in strategy to create business advantage
  • Recognise why sustainable businesses are increasing and how taking action now is essential for remaining relevant
  • Accept the differences between circular economy and traditional sustainability and how you can only take others as far as you have taken yourself

How our customisation makes it simple for you

Sustainable business is a new challenging to be addressed by all. Our customisation program enables you to effortlessly move forward through providing direct feedback to your key questions and resolving issues holding you back. Select your starting point from one all, or a combination of the customisation levels below and move:

1. Industry-level Customisation

For businesses that want to understand their circular economy opportunities at an industry-wide level. Industry-level customisation addresses industry-specific examples and approaches to allow you to visualise the next best step forward for your business.

2. Company-level Customisation

For businesses that want to understand their circular economy opportunities at a company-wide level. Company-level customisation addresses unique examples relevant to your company for fast-tracking the development of transformational business plans. This level is also suitable for individual departments within large companies

3. Individual-level Customisation

For businesses that need to convey the opportunities available in the circular economy to key stakeholders within the organisation. Individual-level customisation addresses specific information key internal stakeholders may require before committing to transformation. Specific needs profiles and other details will be requested in advance.

We want to find out about you! And the more we can customise your program, the more value we can provide. With 25+ years of dedicated experience in sustainability and business transformation, our team is expert in listening to your needs to help you define and develop your best circular business strategy. 

To begin your progress forward you will need to consider:

  • Your current awareness of the growth and profit potential of the circular economy
  • Your company’s present competence level in sustainability
  • Your effectiveness in bringing sustainability-related issues into high-level discussions
  • How circular economy mindset could become an integral part of your business DNA
  • Your previous experiences in business, social, and environmental benefits of circular economy
  • Your plans for potential next steps to push forward for change

“There is no doubt that future generations will look back to this point in time as to when the transition from a linear economy to a circular and systemic economy happened. The time is now.” 

Camilla Haugsten
Ouroboros CEO & Co-Founder

mia wilsleff

The program really got us thinking and reflecting from new perspectives.

Head of Sales and Project Management / Persano

Let business with circular economy become your catalyst for change

Sustainability is not something for the future, but for here and now.

Circular economy can inspire anyone to:

  • Look through and beyond all past business perspectives into new opportunities
  • Become a groundbreaking leader and initiate a green turnaround to show others the way forward
  • Embrace a new eco-systemic approach based on transformation and co-creation, with regeneration at its heart
  • Connect with an elevated goal to form a more meaningful ‘greater why?’

Your business is about all of us 

Camilla Haugsten 
Modern Leadership

CEO & Co-Founder

Jasper Steinhausen
- Elevating People

Fulfilment Director & Co-Founder

Camilla Haugsten 
Modern Leadership

CEO & Co-Founder

Jasper Steinhausen
- Elevating People

Fulfilment Director & Co-Founder