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Sustain your competitive advantage by leading through learning. The world’s top CEOs practice true leadership by always engaging in thought-provoking theoretical pedagogy and implementing newly developed attributes. Ouroboros bridges the gap between learning and doing; walking you through the initial inception up until execution.

Talk Strategy

Business leaders are always prepared to take the next step. For many a successful leader, a transition into sustainability is the right move; however, that move isn’t always clear. 

Throughout our discovery process, we’ll delve deep into your business’ set-up, get hands-on and identify the key elements necessary to take the next step into a circular economy. You’ll be able to:

  • Identify the three most important focus areas
  • Develop your own strategic direction
  • Uncover untapped potential
Discover what a personalized service can do for your strategy toward sustainability. Find your business’ circular economy.

Morning Minute

Success is greater in numbers. Our free “Morning Minutes” session is a monthly, webinar-style meetup in our online community – Gateway to Circular Economy for CEO’s and Top Executives. The format fosters a hands-on learning approach offering the opportunity for invaluable supplemental insight into the benefits, advantages, and payoff of running a circular business. The format allows for open discussion where members share their real experiences with implementing sustainability practices to their businesses to enhance the learning experience.

As a proactive 21stcentury business leader, you strive for the largest market share. You recognize the shifts in the market and know your competitors are moving to more sustainable methods of doing business. You don’t have to go it alone; our community is there for your support and your growth when the pressure of change is real. 

Our invite-only community is comprised of experts in the field who are ready to help, if you’re ready for change.

The pressure is on, are you ready to join us?

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Coaching & Mentoring Programs

It’s hardly ever argued that maximizing utility and optimizing resources make business sense. Which is one of the reasons why Circular Economy is constantly gaining traction. It’s simply a better economy. At the core of it, the debate is over. 

A new mindset however demands leaders to think differently. But, even with evidence backed strategies, acting differently can still appear challenging in a business environment. Especially when the change of actions is different from your current business performance. Any unfamiliar road will always seem less comfortable and riskier.

The proactive business leader recognises the importance of thinking differently to act differently, understanding that an outside perspective becomes very important. When you are in the frame, it can be difficult to see the picture. 

These are customized programs, varying in frequency and length and designed with components of both coaching and mentoring.

Success Coaching

Surround yourself with people who are ready to see you succeed. No matter what iteration of the famous adage we read, the theme is always consistent in business, and success. Therefore, we believe that the only way to step into a new mindset is to surround yourself with those who think differently. You can’t expect to be a leader if you’re not ready to learn from other leaders. 

The proactive business leader recognizes the importance of thinking differently to act differently, vicariously learning from outside perspectives. This is partly why the circular economy itself works so well, it’s an innovative approach to sustainability that is gaining traction in modern business. 

Our success coaches help to reframe the current state of your business to show you just how effective a circular economy can be. Our customized programs are tailored to individual leaders; meet as much or as often as you’d like and we’ll take care of the right coaching and mentoring components.

Reach Out to Meet your Coach.

Strategy Programs

There is no one panacea for success. No strategy is sound unless it’s ready to adapt at any given moment. To maintain a competitive advantage your business needs to develop an ever-improving strategy, something that’s both flexible and future-proof.

Our strategy programs prepare you for the harsh reality of change, making use of a proven methodology comprised of the right tools and coaching principles for your business. Our focus is on empowering you to learn how to implement the right strategy for applying a circular economy. 

With our focus on empowered learning, efficacious methodologies, and a growth mindset, you will gain the skills necessary to develop a successful strategy for your business. 

Take ownership of a growth new mindset, learn what a new strategy can do for you.
Often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else. 

- Fred Rogers 

Circular Economy Executive Mastermind

Are you ready to join the ranks of C-level executives currently implementing a circular economy?


This elite, first-of-its-kind experience is available only to C-level executives who have future-proofed their sustainable businesses. With only ten spots available on a rotating six-month period, our dynamic online group community sets the right tone to step into the circular business mindset.


Surround yourself with serious, accomplished, high-level executives with experience in transforming your business. Combine this efficacious group model with homeplay, homework, and on-on-one support, and you’ll have access to the turnkey, revolutionary material that will get you on the path to becoming a global leader in sustainability. 


Join our limited-access online mentoring program.

Keynote Speakers and Panel Moderators

Not just any executive can implement the best sustainable model right away. Sustainability is a hot topic that is not fully understood amongst proactive leaders. You may have heard of it, but do you know how to implement it effectively?

We work with leading keynote speakers who deliver everything from dynamic recaps to all-encompassing talks customized to every industry. Ouroboros’ leaders in the circular economy can give you a better understanding of the upsides, business opportunities, and core principles of sustainability utilizing everything from integral case studies to surface overviews.

We pride ourselves in preparing leaders with a full comprehension of what a circular economy can do through keynotes, emceeing, and moderating. We focus on providing only the most relevant information so leaders such as yourself can execute the right strategies flawlessly. Are you ready to learn more about the circular economy? 

We’ll tailor our presentation to you when you’re ready to lead your business to a sustainable future  

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