The debate is over.

Todays business thrives with Circular Economy, and now is the time to get in the game

Introducing the world’s first Circular Economy Executive Mastermind. Over six months, in a dynamic group coaching environment, evolve your mindset and practical knowledge to become a global leader in sustainable business.  

Only ten spots available. Book a free strategy call to see if this is the time for you and your company.

The debate is over.

Circular Economy is the next wave in business. Be a first mover. Save the planet. Increase profits. 

Introducing the word's first Circular Economy Executive Mastermind. Over six months, learn the mindset, models, and strategies to become a global leader in sustainable business.  

Ten spots available. Book a free strategy call to see if this is the time for you and your company.

Circular Economy and a sustainable world. It's no longer if but when.

And when is right now

Hear Ouroboros CEO Camilla Haugsten explain why, and how you can get started. 

Fortune will favour the bold. 
The bold inspire the rest.  

This experience is only for C-level executives already dedicated to a sustainable future. While the market debates and delays, you get to be in the room with other conscious, smart visionaries who prefer bolder action.

This is for those who understand that a personal brand is as important as a company brand. Companies with visible executives perform better. By taking the next step, you raise your profile, as well as the bottom line of your company.

At this unique time for the planet, help write a page in history. 

10 Leaders.
6 Months. 
6 Group Sessions. 
1 Bonus Group Meeting.
3 VIP One-To-One Sessions.
1 Global Paradigm Shift In Business. 

Why a Mastermind? Because real knowledge must be lived. This proven group coaching model surrounds you with other accomplished, high-level executives. And the combination of group calls, homeplay/homework, and VIP 1-1 support, led by world-class leaders in the field, ensures you become a force of nature in modern business. 

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Alignment & FLOW

Get to know each other and your visions. Setting the purpose, format, logistics,  code of conduct, and what to expect of each other.

Become familiar with the core building blocks of Circular Economy, how to recognise these in your business, as well as adopt Circular Business Mindset. Choose your area of business focus and exploration. Get your first set of homeplay/homework. 

Discover a Circular Economy business solution wired to your chosen area and bring it home right away.



We make sense of different Circular Economy business models. In particular, we look at what is trending and what is “popular” in the market. Some of these models are very approachable, but do not always have the greatest business potential.

Through a rigorous operational lens, we consider their relevance into your own value chains. Are they inspirational sprinters? With active discussion and dynamic exercises, we explore the perspectives and opportunities for each participant’s value chain.      


 SustainabILITY 2025

Sustainability is a hotly contested word. We’ll provide the most useful context, definitions, and frameworks for you as an executive. Learn important, strategic perspectives for your value chains, partnerships, and supply chain.

We connect Circular Economy with sustainability, and with what’s buzzing in the public agenda, such as the UN Sustainable Goals (SDGs), as well as to your bigger Why.

What's your legacy? It’s now time to think bigger, stretch wider, and act bolder. Optional individual exercise to cultivate stronger purpose, drive, and clarity.



We dig deeper into Circular Economy Business Models, but focus on getting you on the drawing board and design side of business solutions. Design work flows and build a more impactful reality for yourself and your business environment.

These models, participant questions, and solutions will be addressed through a "complex" lens, focusing more on impact and innovation rather than classic incremental approaches. 



A dynamic recap of business models and a further deep dive into case examples of Circular Economy in action.

These case studies are 100% customised to the industries you are in, as well as to the questions, concerns, and interests arisen so far.

Active facilitated discussion on participant’s cases or strong/relevant industry cases.



We explore how to manage the process of innovation and change in your enterprise.

Topics may include: personal and team mindset training for a future reference as opposed to past experience; presenting convincing arguments to stakeholders; workshop methodology for innovation and change; business model customisation with a systems approach; working through partnerships along your value chain; methodology of running sprints and narrow feedback loops; and KPIs and measurement systems.


Camilla Haugsten
CEO, Ouroboros AS

International reputation for helping executives and organisations make business sense out of sustainability. 

Jasper Steinhausen
Business Advisor & Partner, Ouroboros AS

Expert at increasing profitability and brand value for companies using Circular Economy and sustainable flows. 

What others are saying  


Ouroboros has helped executives, companies, and communities thrive through sustainability. 

See some of the organisations and places where we've made an impact. 

Your Facilitators

Camilla Haugsten
CEO, Ouroboros AS

An international reputation for helping executives and organisations make business sense out of sustainability. 

Jasper Steinhausen
Business Advisor & Partner, Ouroboros AS

Specialist in increasing profitability and brand value through Circular Economy and sustainable flows. 

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Kjetil Trovik Midthun

Research Manager at SINTEF

Helle Hommelgaard Herk-Hansen

Vice President Environment at Vattenfall

More than a program.
 A new model of being.  

When it comes to sustainability and circular business, we're not shy about sharing the word and speaking the truth. We can be direct, and sometimes this can trigger folks and send them spinning. 

We're okay with that. In fact, that's the whole point. The stakes are too high to sugar coat what's required for a sustainable future. 

When people and organisations are committed to transition into new models, you'll find us warm, supportive, and encouraging. We'll celebrate your wins as loudly as you'll let us.   

In this special Executive Mastermind, we're all in with you to make this historic  transition. Here's more of what you can expect:  

Customised Training 
We're serious about understanding you. Through the on-boarding process, we get to know you, your company, your business focus, and your ideal outcomes. That information is used to inspire and customise the content in the sessions, such as industry specific examples and case studies. 

We're serious about your personal development. Transformation in your business will not happen overnight. Also at this level, the success in your company is a direct reflection of you as a person. With expert mindset coaching, we help you win your inner game as much as your outer game.  

Return On Investment  
We're serious about ROI. Right out of the gates, gain actionable insights and strategies to implement immediately. Have the knowledge, confidence and support to test Circular Economy in your business from Day One. 

often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else. 

- Fred Rogers 

You now get to say you are changing the world. Because you'll know exactly how to do it

You get to be the first to do what is right. While others are waiting for a miraculous sign that Circular Economy works, you've already won. The sign they end up receiving is the one your success will make. 

You get to learn the skills required to successfully implement Circular Economy. This Mastermind isn't academic theory or a guessing game. Its gospel and brass tacks. Your conscience and the accountants will be thrilled. 

While others debate and delay, you get to lead. By seizing this moment, you can immediately leap to the forefront of the global sustainability movement. 

You get to be the new avant-garde. Ouroboros went to the front lines first, so that you could go even further. From us, take what you know will work. Then add your own spin and run with it. 

Earth gets to prosper because of you. It's now commonly accepted that entrepreneurs and business leaders, not governments, are the most vital to solving humanity's problems. Your brand can be one more example of that. 

Your company gets to prosper. The debate truly is over. Sustainable businesses are becoming more profitable and impactful. The market wants it and the world needs it.

The ​time is now.

A sustainable and thriving future is on the horizon. 

Join the world's first Circular Economy Executive Mastermind.  

Ten seats available. Book a free, no-obligation strategy call today

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