Achieve sustainable business success today

An opportunity and a necessity

The time for sustainable business competence is now

The definition of success in business is changing. In addition to continued growth and profit, employees, partners and investors all now expect you to have the answers to their questions on sustainability. Modern companies need to provide these, not just in marketing communications, but in their main business agendas to be put into action. They need to show that they have raised their game to be ready for a sustainable future today.

Sustainable development is not a quick fix, it is a life-long commitment. Although this may seem overwhelming at first, integrating sustainable practices into your company is an investment able to bring enormous future value and returns. We live in turbulent times with previous business models failing all around. Sustainability is the answer to staying out in front by accepting responsibility and accountability for your business activities the whole way.

Sustainability is not a quick fix, not a project. It is a powerful way of doing business demanding a collection of skills, competencies and awareness. How you choose to implement it determines the future - not only for your business - but for the next generations and for the health of the planet. Your decisions now will influence the magnitude of the impact you and your business will have - positive or negative.

Our programs will help you act with clarity to identify opportunities and take purposeful steps towards becoming sustainable today. We enable and support you to introduce circular economy systems into the DNA of your organisation. We make your journey easy, inspiring and time & cost-effective, so you can create a better business and a better world.

Efficient tailormade training

Identify and enhance your future action plans

Now is the time to understand more about how sustainability should be incorporated into top-level strategy. Our trainings are designed to deliver immediate value and long-term growth, inspire participants and gain buy-in from stakeholders. We provide you with the skills and competence necessary to increase your company’s flexibility, resilience and agility to act in the face of change.

Customised programs are based on activities relevant to your business only. Choose level of customisation by industry, company, individual or a combination of all of these. Extensive pre-course communications enable knowledge to be provided in-context and tailored exclusively to meet your needs. This ensures all programs are relevant, actionable and effective for you.

Most programs consist of 2-3 sessions delivered within 1-2 weeks. Between sessions, participants can reflect on their new knowledge through completing further exercises to maximise their learning process. Everything is online, so you and your team can be all together or hooked-up from anywhere. Intense – Effective – Secure! 

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Why sustainability? Why now?

Preparing for responsible growth

Financial publications make great claims for the benefits of going sustainable now. In 2015, the Accenture Strategy book titled ‘Waste to Wealth’ claimed circular economy could unlock between $4.5-$25 trillion in lost economic growth by 2030 compared to business-as-usual.

Our clients include businesses supplying essential services, such as Copenhagen Airports, who engaged in investment in sustainable strategy throughout 2020. “The focus areas that you helped us choose were discussed with great interest by our top management and then approved! You managed to kick-start the group of internal stakeholders and we are now experiencing a pull to move on to circular economy”. Inger Seeberg, Director, Environmental Affairs Copenhagen Airports”.

Our program bring value, acceptance of responsibility, and purpose. Your business will benefit through:


Attracting and retaining more talent, as the best employees are drawn toward businesses that put values first.


Less dependence on suppliers and vulnerability to market prices, as circular economy requires fewer raw materials.

Brand Reputation

Improved brand reputation and stronger loyalty, as customers innovative new sustainable products and solutions.

Esben Danielsen

CEO (needs approval)

"We realise we haven’t been aware of nor approached circular economy for its potentials before. Now, we experience renewed energy and motivation"

In our own recently published article ‘Reinvent the Way You Do Business’ (Date), Ouroboros founders Camilla Haugsten and Jasper Steinhausen highlight the abundance of positives available to gain. ”It’s a win for business and a win for sustainability” as “circular economy provides solutions for how to create more value from less resources”.

The Ouroboros approach

Welcoming green turnaround all around

Ouroboros is dedicated to getting your business onto the next level of sustainability, no matter where you start. Our objective is to provide you with competencies and confidence to achieve your green turnaround. To set off in a new direction – good for business, great for nature and loved by customers.

Our approach to sustainability

Sustainability is much more than just being efficient with resources and reducing waste. It is about co-creation and collaboration aimed towards regenerating ecosystems and harmony while continuing growth.

Our approach to business

We are dedicated to enabling untapped business potential available through sustainability. Using tools and models, such as circular economy, sustainable business transformation offers new sources of profit and an alternative prosperous economic future.

Our approach to leadership development

Not only do leaders need to be able to identify opportunities but they also need to accept more responsibility as they enact these. Good leaders are purpose-driven and inspired by change. They can merge new mindsets with their existing skills to form better leadership solutions.

Jasper Steinhausen

Partner & Executive Business Advisor

Camilla Haugsten

Partner, CEO & Executive Business Advisor

Our programs

Clarity, competence, action

We offer a range of programs to support your business team in the areas you need it most - facilitating high-level internal discussions, onboarding partners and suppliers, strategy and in-depth mentoring/coaching. Our programs are targeted, tested and, most importantly, immediately actionable.

All programs have a strong foundation in competence building allowing participants to grow their knowledge while repurposing existing knowledge to apply in new ways. Each program is delivered in context to your business’ needs and your present position within the circular economy, to give you clarity and direction towards your next step.

Find out more about programs:

Principles and Drivers of the circular economy

Onboarding to Circular Economy

Start your sustainable success story now

Develop a better business with elevated purpose

Circular economy offers your business an opportunity to connect with an elevated purpose and to form a more meaningful ‘greater why’. Sustainability has many economic benefits, but above all, it looks through and beyond all past business perspectives.

Sustainability is not something for the future, but the here and now. Groundbreaking leaders are needed to initiate green turnarounds today to show others the way forward. A new eco-systemic approach is needed based on transformation and co-creation, with regeneration at its heart. 

Why now? Why you?

Ouroboros encourages and supports business as a catalyst for change using circular systems available to all. Embrace sustainability as your company’s primary investment to design and build the future you want, starting today. 

“Enabling business potential as the vehicle towards a sustainable future holds one absolute key in reinventing the ways we do both business and life (…) There is no doubt that future generations will look back to this point in time as to when the transition from a linear economy to a circular and systemic economy happened. The time is now.”

Camilla Haugsten, Ouroboros CEO.

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